Little Things…

…to be happy about.

What, you wonder?

Well, I am being shallow again about this, but I don’t mind. The good thing is this blog has reached more than 1000 views and I’m so happy abput it.

I said ‘things’ right?

The other thing is not so little, but it is something to be happy about. My mom got me a reserved copy of The Casual Vacancy by JK Rowling. I am very excited to read it. Actually, even though I’m swamped with school work, I’ve reached about the first 50 pages and it is definitely not a child-friendly book. It is perfect for mature tastes. Hope I get to hear your views on this new book.

Inspire and be inspired!


Tech Troubles.

Well, I have a problem with my WordPress app on my phone. I can’t log in. It’s somewhat disturbing, since I was able to get the same account on another phone.


I was able to find a little app named PostBot. This app is a lifesaver. I can now post from my phone. I tried using my web browser, but trying to move around got tedious on my tiny screen. Seemingly big hands don’t go so well with small screens.

I am nearing my finals for the semester and I’ll soon be on break for two weeks, which means two weeks of stress-free writing. I can finally get loose and do some real writing.

Well, let us all be inspired!


Feeling Good. Feeling Great.

How is everyone today? This is just to confirm that things are really looking up in terms of my coping with the busy life. We all get swamped with extremely overwhelming demands and only we have the solution to make them less distressing. You really have to try to make a way around things. It could help a lot with mountain-sized writer’s blocks. The less stress we feel, the easier things seem.

Be inspired and always inspire!


By The Looks of Things.

I guess I am starting to manage things well with schoolwork, writing, and blogging. Although my persistently high stress level is always with me, I’m finding little ways to get things done.

Unfortunately, or must I say fortunately, my phone was on the verge of breaking down and was constantly giving me a hard time. My parents decided to get me a new one, an android one. I now have apps on my phone that help me get some writing and reading done while I’m on the go. I never have to worry now whenever I get a sudden idea I need to write down. This is a blessing for me, since my stress levels were not pretty.

I’ve been able to get tiny bits of stress off me with these mini writing breaks (a break where I write some fiction for a while, not a break from writing fiction) and it feels good. I’ve got better creative flow and when it comes to juggling all the schoolwork, my body decided not to take a dive in the ill pool.

Life will definitely put you in a rut and it will keep doing that whenever you get out of it. We just have to be persistent. It is okay to feel weak or uninspired sometimes, because we were wired to feel these things too.

Be inspired and be positive!



Watchful Eyes.

That is one thing I found important for my writing. I do not generally mean having an eye for grammatical errors, but more in observing the environment. It is nice to keep a mental note on every tiny detail you see wherever you may be. May it be the chipped paint on the rusty walls of an old abandoned bus or the cracks in the tile at your local mall, there is always something to notice.

Wonder why I’m saying this?

Well, the answer should be obvious for the thinking types, but maybe this is just my personal inference. We need watchful eyes as writers because any tiny detail can bring about a great idea. That, and it can even pull you out of a bad writer’s block (I remember someone saying you’re not a writer when you get writer’s block, but that’s bogus, right?). Remember, all you need is a small spark to start a flame.

It doesn’t really matter how you interpret the thought as long as it means something and helps you to write. Everything has its purpose and well, the┬áminuscule details do too.

Live to make art and inspire.



The Rise of Nine

This is the third book in the I Am Number Four Series. I am not sure if I found out late about this book coming out. I just saw it available here in the Philippines last week. After reading The Power of Six (Book 2 of the series), I was trapped in thought, wondering what could ever happen next. As of two days ago, I got my answer. Not to worry, I am not gonna spoil anything here.

Well, what can I say about the book?

It is awesome. I really admire how they are able to change point of views so easily and cleanly. It doesn’t take long to figure out who is telling the story and I guess the matching fonts help. Going through the books in the series, you never feel lost, but you feel more into the story.

If I can finish the book in less than three days, then I consider it a great read. I finished this one in an afternoon and The Power of Six in two afternoons. Let’s just say I am a big fan of the series.

Now I’m stuck with this thought until the next one comes out: “What’s gonna happen next?”

It’s nice to have a book push me back into writing again. It got my writing juices flowing.

Inspire others in any way you can.



Never Miss.


Well, you never miss a chance to have fun. Never miss a moment to smile. As a writer, you never miss an opportunity to write.

In our world of chaos and disarray, we never get enough time to do the things we wish (unless it’s professional writing, then you have to make time). For hobby writers, it can feel a whole lot frustrating and suffocating. The world of writing is a free place to breathe and just be whatever you want.

Regrettably, I’ve missed tons of opportunities to sit down and just write. I would always end up asleep or staring at the wall. I’ve been feeling drained. My mind is filled with things to write, but my body barely has the stamina to move.

My advice (and the advice of many writers): Never stop writing.

I have to remind myself of that every chance I get.

We should never be barred from doing things we are meant to do. It’s how we were made and how our soul can be heard. I’ve learned that these past months. I gotta make time for the things I love to do.

Be inspired and inspire!