My First Poll!

Why am I asking this? Well, I’m very much tempted to join an online contest, but I’m a bit nervous to try or even start. I’m just curious if there are a lot out there who are joining contests.

Happy writing!

Be always inspired!



More Questions!

I was wondering about some other things, as usual.

Does the chapter of a book have to be the same length as the other chapters or at least close in length? If a few chapters are shorter or longer than the others, will it frustrate readers?

Just wondering some more! 🙂




I’ve been busy these past days working on my making my first baby shiny and bright. I can’t wait to have the finished (near-finished, because editing doesn’t stop until it’s published) product. It’s exciting since it’s my first manuscript ever.

I’ve been spending these past days laughing at myself too.


…because of the many mistakes I made. They’re amusing since I end up wondering how I could type a completely unnecessary paragraph (or scene) or making many different typos in a row. It feels weird critiquing my own work and oh so rewarding. My critique circle has been very helpful and now I know what to remove, keep, shorten, or lengthen. They’re so awesome since they find the typos I keep passing by. I love my critique circle.

Who is part of your critique circle?

Any tips on editing?




Just Wondering…again…

Is there any company or agent that accepts original art with the manuscript (Genre: Young Adult Urban Fantasy)? It’s just that my good friend likes my manuscript and wants to do the art for it (if it ever gets accepted). She’s really talented (I know a lot of people say that there’s someone they know who’s a really talented artist) and she’s very versatile in different media and art styles. I’ve been looking around, but all I see are those that DON’T accept original art.

Please comment if you know any?

Thank you so much!!



Word Count??? Genre???

I sort of panicked (I think I still am) when I read about the right word count for a novel. According to my word processor, my manuscript has roughly 116,000 words. According to some of the info I’ve read, a young adult novel has to be 75,000 words at most (or a little more is fine), for a fantasy novel, around 85,000, for a thriller, around 120,000 words.

Is this really a standard for novels?

They say that word count can sometimes be the reason why your book gets rejected (when you reach that stage) and some say that it’s best if you aim for success from the start, meaning doing your best to follow what most agents want to find in a book.

My next worry… how to classify my work…

It really makes me wonder. My book can be considered as a Young Adult novel because my main protagonist is in the age range of 12-15 years old, or an Adventure novel because of the “exciting and sometimes dangerous plot or setting” (according to the definition of an Adventure Novel), or a Fantasy novel because of the use of magic and other supernatural phenomena as a primary element of plot, theme, or setting. I’m still debating over Low or High Fantasy because I’m using a real world setting, but creating my own city with normal real world qualities.

Any tips on how to classify your work?


Any of My Fellow Novice Writers??

Hello to all of the other aspiring writers!

I think you guys are having the same problem I am… writing a query letter and a synopsis. In my opinion, those two things are one of THE MOST nerve-wrecking things one has to do when preparing to present the masterpiece one slaved over for months and probably years.

I found some sites that gave sample query letters and synopses. They’re helpful in giving us ideas and NOT for us to copy and tweak to make our own. I noticed that the query letters contain the writer’s ORIGINAL VOICE (another reference to The Literary Mom’s site, which I totally love ever since I started reading), which got the book accepted and published.

Before I forget, here are some of the sites I found…

Query Letter Samples and How To’s:

Synopsis Samples:


I hope they help you! I’m still trying to analyze them.

Visit the Literary Mom’s site! She has a lot of great posts. The link is on my blogroll, but here’s the link to make sure you do go there. 😀




If any writer here in the Philippines knows about any great creative writing reference book we can find at our local bookstores, I’d like to get hold of the title(s), so I can buy one or two. I’ve seen a couple already, but I don’t know which one I should get. Thanks for the help!

I’m also very happy to reach the 200+ mark on my number of hits! 😀