Yes, currently I am swamped.

With what you may ask?
Well, just one essay/term paper (I’m not sure what to call it) that’s due in less than 3 days.

How am I swamped you wonder?
Well, when it comes to writing projects or assignments, I like to take my sweet, sweet time, thinking thoroughly about everything I’m going to put down on my paper. It’s just my excuse to be REALLY slow, just kidding, but I really take my time to make something good. Although, when all else fails, I rush like mad.

Wish me luck! I’ve got tons of reading to do before I can actually start.

Be inspired everyday in every way!



A Nervous Feel…

…is currently running down my spine. My mentor asked for my permission to let one of his friends, who is more experienced in writing and may have a lot opinions, read my manuscript. Of course, I said “yes”, but I’m a bit anxious of what he could say about my amateur work. I’m totally getting myself ready for any negative feedback, which I’m expecting to be present, a lot.

Well, I’m back to school and I can already feel the stress of requirements and expectations of professors. The creative spirit in me is beginning to prowl around my mind. I’m bound to be back into writing, which I have to juggle.

So far, I think I’ll be making posts on Mondays, Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sunday, as a temporary blogging schedule.

Let’s do what we live for, making art. Let’s be inspired.

I’m off to do some schoolwork!



What to do now?

I’m going to have my first class session this afternoon (it’s currently 10:15AM as I’m typing this…) and I’ve thought about somethings. I want to be able to juggle this blog, school work, and my writing projects, so I’ll be fixing my blogging schedule. It was something I should have thought about when I was just starting out. I used to think that I had to put something in daily, but whenever I’d miss a day, I’d feel bad about it. After that, I’d go on more days of not posting anything, then the cycle would go on and on.

I’ll just have to get everything straightened out and start doing it.

Be inspired everyone! 🙂



My Life So Far…

Well, after weeks and weeks of writing, editing, goofing off, hanging out with friends, and cooking, I managed to accomplish a lot.

  1. Learned how to make a new dish (and will be learning new ones this week)
  2. Finished editing my first manuscript (to the extent of what my critique circle says)
  3. Started conceptualizing and working (properly) on my second manuscript
  4. Thought about and now planning to make an entry for the writing contest I saw (FOR ANY INTERESTED FANTASY WRITERS HERE’S THE LINK: http://fantasywritingcontest.com/online-entry/)

My next to-do list:

  1. Making a synopsis for my first manuscript
  2. Drafting possible query letters (a bit nervous about this one)
  3. Making an initial draft of my contest entry

Wish me luck! I hope I come up with something contest-worthy. 😀

Let’s do what we love, making art! Wishing you all the best of luck and best of inspiration!