Just Watched…

My friends and I just watched The Hunger Games. I plan to make a review of movie adaptations if I get around to doing it. I was sufficiently satisfied, but my comments are soon to follow.



My Vacation is Soon Over.

It sucks! Well, not really. Going back to school does have its perks.

I somehow get a lot of inspiration and writing done when I’m stressed, specifically academic stress. This means on top of my school work, I’ll have to find a way around working on my two projects and my contest entry. Hopefully, I’ll also get some good material for this blog I feel like I’m starting to neglect. (which I won’t let happen!)

Have a great day of inspiration!



My Life So Far…

Well, after weeks and weeks of writing, editing, goofing off, hanging out with friends, and cooking, I managed to accomplish a lot.

  1. Learned how to make a new dish (and will be learning new ones this week)
  2. Finished editing my first manuscript (to the extent of what my critique circle says)
  3. Started conceptualizing and working (properly) on my second manuscript
  4. Thought about and now planning to make an entry for the writing contest I saw (FOR ANY INTERESTED FANTASY WRITERS HERE’S THE LINK: http://fantasywritingcontest.com/online-entry/)

My next to-do list:

  1. Making a synopsis for my first manuscript
  2. Drafting possible query letters (a bit nervous about this one)
  3. Making an initial draft of my contest entry

Wish me luck! I hope I come up with something contest-worthy. 😀

Let’s do what we love, making art! Wishing you all the best of luck and best of inspiration!