Watchful Eyes.

That is one thing I found important for my writing. I do not generally mean having an eye for grammatical errors, but more in observing the environment. It is nice to keep a mental note on every tiny detail you see wherever you may be. May it be the chipped paint on the rusty walls of an old abandoned bus or the cracks in the tile at your local mall, there is always something to notice.

Wonder why I’m saying this?

Well, the answer should be obvious for the thinking types, but maybe this is just my personal inference. We need watchful eyes as writers because any tiny detail can bring about a great idea. That, and it can even pull you out of a bad writer’s block (I remember someone saying you’re not a writer when you get writer’s block, but that’s bogus, right?). Remember, all you need is a small spark to start a flame.

It doesn’t really matter how you interpret the thought as long as it means something and helps you to write. Everything has its purpose and well, the┬áminuscule details do too.

Live to make art and inspire.