One of my biggest challenges as a writer is writing anything shorter than a novel. I think it’s because I tend to think about a lot of things I would really like to add to my stories. I like to see myself as a complicated writer, not that it’s a good thing because it has its downsides. I really admire those who can fill around a hundred words with so much life and a backstory to fill the imagination. I think of short stories and flash fiction as a challenge than a weakness. I believe it takes a great deal of skill to write those, not that writing a novel takes any less skill. We all have our own skills and preferences.

So, I believe I’m a novelist by nature. I’d prefer to just read flash fiction and short stories.

Do what you can to make a difference and inspire.


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Changing Location.

No, I’m not moving somewhere. I’m talking about when I’m writing and working on my stories and novels. For the past three days, I’ve been stuck in my room and writing to no end (while simultaneously working on some other stuff, like watching TV shows and movies). Now I’m on my sixth day of writing. I started feeling stuck when I was on my fourth day and I tried it out.

I’m sure many of us felt something like this at one point or another. Well, I found a very simple solution, which anyone can do. Look for another place in your house or wherever you are to write. It gives you a sense of change and new energy. It sounds ineffective and I was a bit skeptic of it, but it really did work. I was able to add a couple thousand to my word count.

Well, we all have our own ways of making our creativity flow stronger and clearer.

Be inspired and inspire!



The Obligatory Year End Post

Well, not really… but it’s ususally something we blog about. What are the common things we blog about? I have a couple ideas, but correct me if I’m wrong (or add others you think are common).

  1. New Year’s Resolutions
  2. Travel Plans
  3. Personal Goals
  4. Major Events of the Past Year
  5. Thoughts on What Could Happen Next Year

Why do we post these things?

Maybe, it’s a written promise to ourselves to follow or not follow these things, like a big wake up call where we always hit the snooze button as the new year comes in. I’m sure there are people who really heed their lists of goals or resolutions and at least give it a try. We may post these things on our blogs to make sure we see how eventful or uneventful the past year was and give ourselves another chance to make the next on even better.

No matter how many goals we have or how many miles our lists may be, we always have the theme of self-improvement. We always aim to be better than the person we were in the past year.

So let’s make the best of 2013 and be better than we were this 2012.

Happy New Year! Be inspired and inspire!



A Month of Chills and Thrills.

Sounds a lot like October, right?

Well, not in my mind, because in my part of the world it is really cold. It’s like the Winter kind of cold minus the snow. It’s usually cold here all year round, but it gets even colder around this time. That explains the chills part of this title.

What about the thrills?

Well, the Winter Solstice is coming up and the perceived end of the world is upon us. The hype has been built up and we can say a good bunch of the population is at wit’s end with what could possibly happen to the world. (Sounds like a short story challenge?) This might drum up some stories or possibly new novel ideas (for those who love to work on post-apocalyptic themed stories) for us writers. The sense of doom brings about a flurry of ideas, like how one child can save the world, or how a vengeful being has brought this fate upon us all, or even how a whole bunch of people planned this out to create one of the most complex pranks in history.

Another (possible) thrill is the holiday season. Why do I say possible? Well, that’s because here in the Philippines, we celebrate the longest Christmas possible and I mean long. People here are already thinking about Christmas as soon as September rolls in. I don’t really get into that spirit considering I grew up anticipating many other holidays before Christmas, like Halloween and Thanksgiving. I can’t contradict culture, because that’s what it is. I’m just not used to celebrating the Christmas season for 3-4 months. I think I can say I’m a bit tired of the Christmas hype already.

But, I’m liking this snow feature on WordPress. Haha.

Let the holidays and possible doomsday inspire you all!



Lessons from a TV Show.

“No one’s judging your flaws, except you.”

~Will Collins from Emily Owens, MD (Season 1, Episode 7)

“It’s hard trying not to judge yourself, because we are aware of  every mistake. We know our inner doubts, our hidden motivations, our failings. So my wish for next year is to be easier on myself, focus less on the bad and more on the good, really, just give myself a break.”

~Emily Owens from Emily Owens, MD (Season 1, Episode 7)

Well, we face a time (or a couple of times) in our lives where we tend to always doubt our capabilities and sit in fear because we see ourselves as too flawed to make something great. A few days ago, I wrote a post about fear and doubt. Lo and behold, I come across an episode of one of my new favorite shows that talks about that. I wonder if I’ll experience that kind of fear and doubt when I get the chance to start my education in medicine. But with that aside, I wonder about how often writers (professional and novice) end up doubting their work.

Some of you are thinking that the answer to that is painfully obvious.  All writers doubt their work at certain points and it’s their level of confidence that may affect how often they feel that doubt. Like it said in the show, we have to go easy on ourselves.

This post was pretty… blah. Haha.

Well, inspire, be inspired, and take it easy!



Being Original.

After reading a small bit of a handy writing book, I found that we really need to make our own original images, but how can we when we are in a day and time where almost everything has been tackled or thought of? We see things as original for us, but then again, with a little digging, it does not sound so unique. Sometimes, we are caught in a flurry of fads and cliches.

What can we do to make our original images without making them too bizarre or unrealistic that it ruins the story we have in our hands?

Well, I think you can’t really do it and make something completely original. There will always be an outside influence making these minute changes, letting some of our meticulous nitpicking readers make the grand connection, instantly blurring the originality of your thoughts.

Let those be.

Once we write our own stories and make our own characters, we are making an original image. Only we, as writers, can understand the minds of our characters and the world they move in. We can avoid the cliches or the overused fads, but we can only be reminded that we will be influenced at one point or with one aspect (maybe even more) of our works of art.

Believe what you are making is original and prove it to the world with pure talent and skill.

Be inspired and inspire!



Optimism Aside…

One problem I find in myself, that I wonder if others experience as well, is that even if I am struck with so much enthusiasm and optimism, there will always be that little fly of fear that keeps buzzing in your ear, constantly reminding you of the reality out there. The truth hurts, as they say, and that’s a part of life. This is all normal and a way our days go on, but sometimes you just can’t help but be pushed into the ground by that annoying buzz of fear and doubt.

Why am I deciding to go on about this just when NaNoWriMo is at its final stretch?

Well, from my previous post, I have decided not to pursue the deadline, but I have not killed the idea and the partial manuscript-slash-draft. This final stretch of manic writers trying to reach their goals of 50,000 or more words got me thinking, more like reminiscing, about my beginnings when I started taking writing as a serious hobby.

At first, being filled with so many random and seemingly great ideas, I was ready to write whatever came into mind. As soon as I’d finish something I saw was good, I’d show it to my friends to read. (Note: My dedication to this hobby started in college, so it was a bit awkward, but I didn’t care.) There were mixed reactions to it, like I could get even better or it’s good, but something is still missing or whatever. I was unfazed by that and I knew (I still do) that I could become better. When it came to the point that I was nearing more than 10,000 words on my manuscript (the only currently finished manuscript I have), I decided that even though I attain my goals in the Nursing field, I still want to see my name on print as a full-fledged author (and maybe a bestseller… what wishful thinking…).

Now, where am I?

I am here three years later with only one completed manuscript, a couple beginning paragraphs, and now half a manuscript all thanks to NaNoWriMo.

How does fear tie into all of this?

I’m afraid to start anew or continue what I started. The buzzing got too loud for me and I am in an official rut. I’m doing all I can to get out of it, but I think I need to take it slow and not push myself too much. There are tons of ideas floating in my mind that could possibly make a great book in the future, but the buzz comes again questioning if it could survive and if it did, would people like it.

I am sure I am not alone in this kind of situation and I know even the greatest of writers face this giant wall.

Wish me luck as I try to knock the darn wall over.

Inspire others as you wish to be inspired.



P.S. This is my 100th post since I started this blog. Some topic, right? Well, I think the weakness in many people nowadays is the refusal to accept what they really feel so they won’t appear inferior. I’m speaking as a Psychiatric Nursing Major when I say that we need to accept what we perceive and feel in order to be able to do what we are meant to do and help others. If we are stuck in our own minds, battling the the truth we don’t wish to accept, then we stop living life as freely as we were all meant to be.