Getting Ready For…

…6 weeks of a hectic Summer Semester. I’ll be back in the hospital for one of my subjects. It will be a great venue for new experiences and hopefully new ideas, not that I feed off the ill for my personal gain. I love being a nurse. I doubt I will be able to post much in the next weeks, with shifts at the hospital, a research I have to do, exams, requirements, and the fact that I have Statistics as a subect I hope to maintain my writing schedule even if it will not be that extensive. I am currently working on pieces that I hope to enter in a national competition, which will make my to-do list even longer (and it’s due before April 30!). I will post whenever I get the chance. This will be one of my adventures this summer and I hope everything will go well.

Be inspired everyone!


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Panic Strikes!


I have a lot of schoolwork to complete in a very short amount of time and my short story for a contest is due in less than 8 days. I’m not sure if I’ve reached even half the minimum requirement of words because I write everything on paper first, which also takes a lot of time to encode. I’m feeling very pressured right now and I hope it helps in any way possible.

Wish me luck!

Be inspired and inspire in any way you can!



I’m Feelin’ Good…

It feels invigorating now that I am able to make more posts on my blog. I look back on my first days and I’m disappointed to see so many blank days. I can’t help it, being swamped in a ton of work or having my muse go on vacation and come back when I’m at my busiest. I’ll try to go back to posting more stuff, like reviews and short stories.

But as of now, I’m feeling good, having my mind filled with things to do and pieces of art waiting to be written. I will get them down on this blog soon. I just have to keep track of my activities and time.

Wish me luck with the new semester and current writing projects!

Be inspired! Spread the creativity!


My Vacation is Soon Over.

It sucks! Well, not really. Going back to school does have its perks.

I somehow get a lot of inspiration and writing done when I’m stressed, specifically academic stress. This means on top of my school work, I’ll have to find a way around working on my two projects and my contest entry. Hopefully, I’ll also get some good material for this blog I feel like I’m starting to neglect. (which I won’t let happen!)

Have a great day of inspiration!