A Spark in My Holidays.

I got these two books as an early Christmas gift and I’m really, really happy to have them.


They are two books I’ve been wanting to get for a long time. Will Grayson, Will Grayson was a book that a good friend of mine has been telling me to read and I Am Number Four: The Lost Files was something I’ve been looking forward to reading since I await the book after The Rise of Nine. There is nothing better for me to receive than novels for Christmas or for any occasion (well, unless those gifts are gadgets or money… Haha!).

This just a little update that’s got me smilin’ like crazy. I love getting new books!




The Morning After.

Well, Halloween is officially over from where I am in the world.

My Halloween To-Do List:

  1. Eat chocolates… Check!
  2. Eat roasted marshmallows… Not Check!
  3. Eat popcorn… Not Check!
  4. Watch a scary movie… Not Check!

I only got 1 out of 4 right? It’s kind of sad really, but in reality, not so much. I did get started on my NaNoWriMo entry. I felt a flurry of creativity as soon as I saw the clock hit zero. It was a total rush. I hope many, if not all, of the NaNoWriMo writers out there will reach the 50,000 mark. All may be a big feat, but if everyone who joined is dedicated it’s possible. I will do my very best to reach that 50,000 mark. I need a second manuscript done and maybe this will be the big push I need to accomplish that.

How is everyone doing? Hope all the writers (NaNoWriMo & Non-NaNoWriMo) out there are doing what they love to do. Writing can never be a chore, but an expression of your true self.

Be inspired and inspire others!



Easter Bunny!

Easter usually reminds me of my religious obligations, but they also remind me of family reunions in the past and most of all, my childhood. Easter egg hunts, chocolate eggs & bunnies, and Peeps marshmallows were the highlight of my Easter.

I haven’t had a Peeps marshmallow in almost 10 years, because I haven’t found any here in my part of the world. Yes, I’m 20 and I still crave for those colorful marshmallows.

Happy Easter and light, fluffy inspiration to everyone!



I Found Something…

…to help me organize my ideas! I feel great about it. I didn’t think this would help me, but it does. A good friend helped me spruce it up a lot and it’s great.

Here it is!

This is my new way of organizing my ideas...

I’m using the sides as reminders, while the middle part is where all my ideas fly around and turn into reality. I tried it out for my new idea (I made a post about that last month) and it helped me make a timeline of events. It’s so awesome! It’s currently clean because I’m not focusing on making new ideas or plots. I’m working on my manuscript and making it better and polished.

My piece of advice?

Use something that’ll help those ideas get organized, like a cork board or a white board. It doesn’t even have to be a board. It could be a bunch of index cards or squares of paper on a table or the floor or your bed. You’ll feel a lot better when you fix everything. It helps you to see where things are going and what the big picture is like.

But, that’s all opinionated and you should do what makes you more comfortable than stressed. Enjoy writing! It’s not supposed to be a grueling task, but something you look forward to doing. Find your comfort zone and work it! 😀

Good luck fellow writers and artists! Make art! Make changes! Make the true essence of life!



Cakes and Tea

I was just sitting there, picking at the piece of pie I ordered. Its apple filling sliding out, enticing me to take a bite. A voice caught my attention, the voice of a good friend. She was caught in another animated story and her hands flying around, emphasizing her every word. My friends and I were definitely enjoying our time at the small coffee shop.

**Times like those make me miss college and my classmates. 🙂

Back to writing and editing.



Fun Day

Today, I had fun with my friends. We went out to play badminton and it got my blood flowing. I think we should do that a lot more. It helps to get my creative juices flowing. I’m sure I’ll be writing up a storm tomorrow.

We had a freaky experience at a mall, but nothing drastic happened. A lot of people, including us, were surprised by the event.

Time for some rest, so I can be ready for a productive day tomorrow.