Revamp? Probably…

Okay. This isn’t working out. I mean I can sustain a blog that is purely based on my being an aspiring writer. That is because in less than a month’s time. I’ll be a freshman (for the third time) and start medical school. That makes me an aspiring physician, but also an aspiring student (in the sense that I want good grades). I also aspire to maintain good relationships with my friends and family despite the huge change that will happen when school starts (or so I’ve been warned). In other words, I aspire to be human. It sounds weird (probably extremely normal-sounding), but it means something to me. I can’t really explain it. Eventually, I will.

I am another aspiring human with the desire to live life everyday as me and just me.

Changes will happen soon.

Maybe I can sustain a good and sensible blog this time?



So, my last decent (not really) post said I was finishing up my master’s thesis at the time… and I did finish. I graduated last March and I was on vacation ever since. But you didn’t touch your blog (I scold myself harshly). I know and it sucks. I just lost the drive to keep posting. Honestly, academic stress pushes me to write and write creatively. It’s weird I know.

In a month’s time, I’ll be in school again, extremely full-time. I don’t know if I’ll be posting or writing, but I’ll have to see. I don’t want to stop working on my books. I’m gonna be a freshman for the third time, so wish me luck!

Stay inspired!



Introduction: Our Fountain of Information

Sorry I’ve been an absent blogger, but I’ve got my reasons. Don’t mind it. What you should mind is this new blog by a very dear friend of mine (we’re practically siblings). She is a great writer. If you want to read the thoughts of an innocent child through the eyes of an adult, then you should give this blog a try… no, you should follow this. Haha.

Be inspired everyone!


Life Through His Little Big Eyes

My big brother once told me that Carlo (our adopted little brother) is like a fountain of information- overflowing and never-ending. I never really understood what he meant then, since all I hear both of them talk about are Ultraman Max, Tekken and other gibberish boy’s stuff. But I understood it when I got to hang out with him more and became his official guardian. His stories are so animated that he would always get you to listen. His questions are sometimes so simple yet the answers seem to be too profound or complex for you to answer him. His logic is straightforward and would make alibis which are usually ridiculous and pretentious yet it would always get you nodding and say, “Hmm. He has a point.”

This is a collection of our little moments with him. It is made up of little snippets of our conversations and his random questions that…

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