Revamp? Probably…

Okay. This isn’t working out. I mean I can sustain a blog that is purely based on my being an aspiring writer. That is because in less than a month’s time. I’ll be a freshman (for the third time) and start medical school. That makes me an aspiring physician, but also an aspiring student (in the sense that I want good grades). I also aspire to maintain good relationships with my friends and family despite the huge change that will happen when school starts (or so I’ve been warned). In other words, I aspire to be human. It sounds weird (probably extremely normal-sounding), but it means something to me. I can’t really explain it. Eventually, I will.

I am another aspiring human with the desire to live life everyday as me and just me.

Changes will happen soon.

Maybe I can sustain a good and sensible blog this time?