Excuses! Haha.

Sorry guys! I’ve been busy finishing up my thesis. Hope to get back to writing and stuff by the end of the month!

Be inspired


Nearing the End.

I am nearing the end of writing another book. It’s still a couple chapters away, but the end is in clear sight. Everyone knows the saying, “It’s not about the destination, but the journey.” Well, this is another challenge in writing. Some of us immediately know the end of a book we’re writing. I currently know the desired end of the book I am writing and now I’m worrying about how I get to the end. The journey to the final page should be something great and unforgettable.

I can feel the excitement of almost finishing another book creeping up on me. By finish, I mean to finish the first draft. It’s my second baby. The first one took its first step, but stumbled. I’ll get it trying again soon along with the second one.

I hope everyone is having a good time and progress with their books.

Each word we write is a step closer to adding to the world’s art. Be inspired everyone!


Hello Wall…

Yes, I am saying hello to a wall because I’m having writer’s block… again! I am currently on vacation, which will last for only 8-10 days. I want to get back to writing, but I am stuck. I’ve juggled my projects around to get my juices flowing. I still have nothing. So, I tried going away from writing, like catching up on my T.V. shows and reading list. This still had no effect on my writer’s block. It did not move an inch.

I hope this clears up before my vacation ends.

Be inspired everyone!



Getting Ready For…

…6 weeks of a hectic Summer Semester. I’ll be back in the hospital for one of my subjects. It will be a great venue for new experiences and hopefully new ideas, not that I feed off the ill for my personal gain. I love being a nurse. I doubt I will be able to post much in the next weeks, with shifts at the hospital, a research I have to do, exams, requirements, and the fact that I have Statistics as a subect I hope to maintain my writing schedule even if it will not be that extensive. I am currently working on pieces that I hope to enter in a national competition, which will make my to-do list even longer (and it’s due before April 30!). I will post whenever I get the chance. This will be one of my adventures this summer and I hope everything will go well.

Be inspired everyone!


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Changing Location.

No, I’m not moving somewhere. I’m talking about when I’m writing and working on my stories and novels. For the past three days, I’ve been stuck in my room and writing to no end (while simultaneously working on some other stuff, like watching TV shows and movies). Now I’m on my sixth day of writing. I started feeling stuck when I was on my fourth day and I tried it out.

I’m sure many of us felt something like this at one point or another. Well, I found a very simple solution, which anyone can do. Look for another place in your house or wherever you are to write. It gives you a sense of change and new energy. It sounds ineffective and I was a bit skeptic of it, but it really did work. I was able to add a couple thousand to my word count.

Well, we all have our own ways of making our creativity flow stronger and clearer.

Be inspired and inspire!



Amidst All the Chaos.

I survived the month of February. It was a hell of a month. I barely had time to just sit and eat or sleep. Things went screwy and my stress was off the charts. Life kept backhanding me almost everyday. Well, I’m glad I survived.

Last month, I experienced, for the second time, someone giving me a book I’ve been wanting and being too busy to even just open it. Avid readers know what kind of torture that is, but hopefully, I can finally read it this month.

I finished the apparent 15% of one of my books in the works. I’m crazy for having 4 ongoing books all at the same time. This really defeats my rule to only having 2 ideas at a time. Oh well. It does help me defeat my writer’s block though, so it’s not so bad.

Have a great March.

Keep writing writers and future published authors! Stay inspired and always inspire.


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Is This The Push I Need?

According to many blogs and their website, Spencer Hill Press is going to be open to submissions for the whole month of December. I have also been looking around to see other places that accept unsolicited or unagented queries, especially international queries. Well, I’ve seen some promising ones.

Now that I have the push, here is what’s making me hang onto the diving board for dear life…

I started writing query letters, well, drafts of them. I feel silly and at times bored with what I’ve written. I am struggling to finish a few drafts and see what sounds more interesting. I also am afraid, again, from my lack of writing credits. I’ve been told months back that it would not matter because it’s the writing that counts. I’m still holding onto that thought.

I was just wondering…

Is it in any way or completely embarrassing that I have one complete manuscript in the three to four years I’ve been writing seriously? I feel, what’s the word… inadequate as a writer? I have plenty of perfectly good reasons why my manuscript count is so low, but I know many people hate reasons or excuses.

I’m really trying to push myself.

I will make a query this month and I will get a response for it! (I say that with all the optimism and enthusiasm.) Don’t worry, I’m not saying I’ll get rejected or accepted. Any response for my query would put me over the moon. It would be a great first step as a writer.

Inspire and get inspired!