One of my biggest challenges as a writer is writing anything shorter than a novel. I think it’s because I tend to think about a lot of things I would really like to add to my stories. I like to see myself as a complicated writer, not that it’s a good thing because it has its downsides. I really admire those who can fill around a hundred words with so much life and a backstory to fill the imagination. I think of short stories and flash fiction as a challenge than a weakness. I believe it takes a great deal of skill to write those, not that writing a novel takes any less skill. We all have our own skills and preferences.

So, I believe I’m a novelist by nature. I’d prefer to just read flash fiction and short stories.

Do what you can to make a difference and inspire.


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Getting Ready For…

…6 weeks of a hectic Summer Semester. I’ll be back in the hospital for one of my subjects. It will be a great venue for new experiences and hopefully new ideas, not that I feed off the ill for my personal gain. I love being a nurse. I doubt I will be able to post much in the next weeks, with shifts at the hospital, a research I have to do, exams, requirements, and the fact that I have Statistics as a subect I hope to maintain my writing schedule even if it will not be that extensive. I am currently working on pieces that I hope to enter in a national competition, which will make my to-do list even longer (and it’s due before April 30!). I will post whenever I get the chance. This will be one of my adventures this summer and I hope everything will go well.

Be inspired everyone!


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Why am I re-blogging a post like this? Well, as I was writing today, I came to the chilling event of killing off a character that is important to my protagonist. It was not easy for me since it was my first time to write a scene like that. I haven’t reached the point in my other projects where I have to kill off someone from the good side.

There were a couple problems I faced. First was if I timed it right because if it was too soon then it could screw up the whole story. Second problem was if I did the scene justice. Did it go too fast or did it have way too many details? Does a reader want to read about how much blood gushed out of the wound as the evil man plunges a dagger right into the sidekick’s heart? The third problem was if the emotion was real. Will it have the same chilling and shaking effect on the reader as it did for me? Or did I just feel that because I have an emotional connection to the novels I write.

Well, whatever happens to what I’m working on I know I’ll get better and I believe my fellow novice writers will get better as well. Always try to inspire and be inspired.



This is something every author has to deal with at some point, especially in a series. When do you decide to kill off a character? And why? And also, how do you justify it to the reader? As both an author and a reader, I have been saddened and/or disappointed by the death of a character. I have also welcomed it in some cases.

One of my books (I won’t say which b/c I don’t want to spoil for future readers) felt like something was missing while I was writing it. Then it came to me. A certain character had to die for it all to come together. So I scrapped a large chunk of the book and began rewriting to make it work. When the time came for the axe to fall on that particular character, it was really hard to let it happen. I felt like I…

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Changing Location.

No, I’m not moving somewhere. I’m talking about when I’m writing and working on my stories and novels. For the past three days, I’ve been stuck in my room and writing to no end (while simultaneously working on some other stuff, like watching TV shows and movies). Now I’m on my sixth day of writing. I started feeling stuck when I was on my fourth day and I tried it out.

I’m sure many of us felt something like this at one point or another. Well, I found a very simple solution, which anyone can do. Look for another place in your house or wherever you are to write. It gives you a sense of change and new energy. It sounds ineffective and I was a bit skeptic of it, but it really did work. I was able to add a couple thousand to my word count.

Well, we all have our own ways of making our creativity flow stronger and clearer.

Be inspired and inspire!