Overthinking Stops Now


It is one of the flaws I have, which I’ve come to despise so dearly. It is a toxic habit to have. It affects my daily life and it affects the people around me. It causes me to doubt my beliefs and not trust what I really know.

I hate it.

I need to stop overthinking before I lose the important parts of my life to doubts and misery. I know that if I stop this habit I will be happier. I know that if I allow myself to trust my thoughts and not doubt everything around me then I would be free from useless stress. I will be able to interact with my friends and loved ones better.

I have to start today.

I have to start right now.

No overthinking.

No doubts.

No negativity.


Actions speak louder than words… right?

Not completely right.

In a world where people are quick to judge, even a few words can change everything. The wrong words, the wrong tone, the wrong intention, everything thing that leaves your mouth is immediately judged. Any explanation falls on deaf ears. I honestly wish things did not work that way. A few words are spoken and you can be judged to be a bad person or to be unfit to be someone’s significant other. Life sucks that way. All the good things you’ve done disappear in an instant with just one mistake, one misjudgment, one moment where you let your mouth run for no good reason.

You can lose everything with just a few words and no amount of change or sorry’s can make them okay.

Watch your tongue.



So, my last decent (not really) post said I was finishing up my master’s thesis at the time… and I did finish. I graduated last March and I was on vacation ever since. But you didn’t touch your blog (I scold myself harshly). I know and it sucks. I just lost the drive to keep posting. Honestly, academic stress pushes me to write and write creatively. It’s weird I know.

In a month’s time, I’ll be in school again, extremely full-time. I don’t know if I’ll be posting or writing, but I’ll have to see. I don’t want to stop working on my books. I’m gonna be a freshman for the third time, so wish me luck!

Stay inspired!



Introduction: Our Fountain of Information

Sorry I’ve been an absent blogger, but I’ve got my reasons. Don’t mind it. What you should mind is this new blog by a very dear friend of mine (we’re practically siblings). She is a great writer. If you want to read the thoughts of an innocent child through the eyes of an adult, then you should give this blog a try… no, you should follow this. Haha.

Be inspired everyone!


Life Through His Little Big Eyes

My big brother once told me that Carlo (our adopted little brother) is like a fountain of information- overflowing and never-ending. I never really understood what he meant then, since all I hear both of them talk about are Ultraman Max, Tekken and other gibberish boy’s stuff. But I understood it when I got to hang out with him more and became his official guardian. His stories are so animated that he would always get you to listen. His questions are sometimes so simple yet the answers seem to be too profound or complex for you to answer him. His logic is straightforward and would make alibis which are usually ridiculous and pretentious yet it would always get you nodding and say, “Hmm. He has a point.”

This is a collection of our little moments with him. It is made up of little snippets of our conversations and his random questions that…

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Day 7: Create a superhero. Have he/she save the day.

Wow. This one is a bit of a harder challenge for me. It’s hard to come up with a unique superhero nowadays. I’ll give it a try.

I heard it from miles away and I felt it from within the earth. The inner city was in flames. I knew it was my time to act. My feet took me to the inner city faster than any human being. The elements spoke to me. The earth cried, the air shrieked, the water wailed, and the fire cackled. They were under my command and I heed their word. We were partners in saving the city.

I arrived at the inner city. I saw the people running away from the flames. Many were injured, but those who were not tried to stop the flames. The winds spiraled around me and formed a being that stood before me.

“Master, what must I do to help?”

“Contain this flame and do not let it spread any further. There is an evil within it.”

The wind being flew off into the air. It circled the inner city, keeping the flames still. I rushed into the burning city. My command over the elements prevented the flames from harming me. I saw a school surrounded with flames. The children and teachers screamed from within. I commanded the earth to create a bridge. Once the flames were parted, I ran towards the school. I felt wind erupt from my skin. It blew away the fire that surrounded the front of the school. The teachers and students rushed out of the school.

“Master of elements,” a voice called.

I turned around to see a man covered in flames. He was not in pain.

“Master of flame?” I asked. He smiled darkly. His eyes were black. “No, you’re a dark flame spirit.”

“I had to draw you out somehow. You know what they say about spirits and masters.”

I was confused. In my 150 years of being an elemental master, I’ve never heard of anything about spirits and masters.

“If a spirit, especially a dark one, is able to defeat and kill an elemental master, the spirit gains that master’s power. And you sir, hold all elements, unlike those lesser elemental masters.”

“You cannot defeat me, spirit. I control the one element that kills you.” I felt the earth beneath my feet and searched for an underground water source. To my dismay, there were none. The city was drained of any water. I searched the air and skies for a single cloud. I found it. Miles away a storm cloud was in bloom.

The spirit blasted its flames towards me. I dodged them and sent a gust of wind back. He tumbled back, but he was up in a matter of seconds. I sensed the storm was still far away, so I had to keep the spirit busy. I tried to attack him with earth and wind, but he simply blew away my attacks with his flames. For a flame spirit, he was very strong.

“Are you done?” the spirit asked. “Because I am tired of this child’s play.”

He ran towards me in a burst of speed. In seconds, I found myself on the ground. He pinned me with a strength I have never encountered. I felt the fire burn me. The storm would be here too late. I needed another way out. I knew that I could strip him of his element, but that would mean I had to sacrifice my mastery over fire.

“It’s over, spirit.”

“What do you mean, old man?”

I gripped his arm and I thrust my fist into his chest. The flames scorched my skin, but I pushed on.

“I, master of elements, strip you demon spirit of your flame.”

I gripped his heart. It was not beating, but it was as hot as magma. He screamed and scratched at my arm, but I already had a hold on the source of his flames. With a final grip, I crushed the flame in my hand and the spirit’s corporeal form withered away. The flames in the city died and the city was safe.

Okay, so it’s around an hour before midnight in my part of the world. It’s really not good work, but I had to finish this challenge today. An assignment is an assignment and sometimes we have to do the assignment no matter how off it feels.

Be inspired everyone!