I pace the floor endlessly as I trace the sides of my cage, my cell. I know this isn’t good. Being trapped never is.

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The Streets…

The streets were filled with people, mostly tourists, as I tried to make my way down the street. The busy road that was supposed to be filled with cars was currently filled with shops and stalls. Aside from the occasional bump and people stepping on my feet, the street market was actually fun, since there was something new every year.¬†I did my best to examine each stall that I passed by with the ocean of people dragging me along. There were stalls with food, clothes,¬†souvenirs, and more food. I was feeling pretty tired from walking and getting thrown around when I saw one stall that people didn’t seem to notice.

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My V-day..

Now that I’m rested up, I can make a post about my Valentine’s Day!

I could retell the day’s events as it really happened, but what fun would that be as a writer? I’ll let my muse free to roam, as I rest my legs and relax in the comfort of my home.

The Task of the Lone Apprentice

The day started as any other for a simple wizard apprentice, but it was no ordinary day for most of the world. He felt nothing special about it, because the one his heart longed for was in a distant land, but his master had other plans for him. His master was in a far off land and he was too young and insufficiently trained to join in wizard war. A dove perched noisily on his windowsill with a message attached to its leg and a small satchel in its beak, waking the young apprentice up. The letter said:

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