I’ve got a couple questions… I think…

Well, I know I said before that I was working on a novel series. Now, I’ve reached some bumps in the road. Here comes the questions…

  1. Would it be advisable to keep the readers updated (like really updated) on the months and days in the story or would it just make things appear complicated?
  2. Can anyone give me some tips on how I should be using “tomorrow,” “the following/next day,” “later that night,” and the like?
  3. If in my first book, I was a bit meticulous with the month and days, is it okay I skip some months in the sequel or will it appear like I’m rushing things?

NOTE: I do not use “journal entries” or “date headers (or whatever they’re supposed to be called)” in my book/manuscript.

I apologize for all the questions, but I’m having trouble finding the right reference book for writing (in my part of the world), so I’m turning to all the rising and experienced writers/authors for some tips. Thank you so much! Please comment if you can.



What’s yours?

I remember reading a status update on my news feed on a social networking site. It was from a loud-mouthed and slightly (*cough* very *cough*) arrogant user was talking about two-faced people being everywhere or something like that and them being the ones who add flavor to life.

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It was less productive than I expected, but I still accomplished things. I was able to work out some plot knots that I couldn’t figure out before. I was also able to start on my second project. I was able to think easier, when I actually started it. It’s like the clutter in my mind’s slowly clearing up.

Does anyone have any tips for someone writing a novel series? Or is anyone currently working on one and would like to share a little experience on handling this kind of project?



What do you do?

What do you do when you have an amazing plot thought out and you realize there are a lot of holes in it, but you can’t think of anything to fill them in?

I feel worried because I don’t know what to do. I know it’s silly and my muse has been working so hard. I hope my muse gets back on track, but she can rest a little while longer.

What gets your muse going?

Where do you guys find the most inspiration?

Do you have a special place?

Again with the questions…