Changing Location.

No, I’m not moving somewhere. I’m talking about when I’m writing and working on my stories and novels. For the past three days, I’ve been stuck in my room and writing to no end (while simultaneously working on some other stuff, like watching TV shows and movies). Now I’m on my sixth day of writing. I started feeling stuck when I was on my fourth day and I tried it out.

I’m sure many of us felt something like this at one point or another. Well, I found a very simple solution, which anyone can do. Look for another place in your house or wherever you are to write. It gives you a sense of change and new energy. It sounds ineffective and I was a bit skeptic of it, but it really did work. I was able to add a couple thousand to my word count.

Well, we all have our own ways of making our creativity flow stronger and clearer.

Be inspired and inspire!




How I Wish…

…I was actually bored these past two days. I was working on my report since Saturday and only finished last night. It took a while because I had to make a presentation and being as indecisive as I really am, I made a PowerPoint and a Prezi. Haha. Sue me for being too OC, but at least I finished it all.

I’m a bit annoyed that I could not get any writing done. I actually miss working on my stories and I’m craving to do so. But of course, even though I’m aspiring to be a published author one day, I have to focus on my schoolwork. I think I have nothing to do today, but I’m sure something will come up (and just as I’m writing this, things are coming to mind).

I’m still starting on The Psychology of Creative Writing, but here’s a writing tip (from Writing Tools).

Build your work around a key question.

It’s the real reason why you are writing a story. You don’t start something that goes in random directions and with no end in sight. That’s what we have real life for. I’ve been wondering about how series novels go. It appears that they have a key question that runs throughout all parts of the series. It’s obvious in some, while hidden in others. Is it okay to change key questions as the series continues? Does that mess up the readers?

Well, let’s just make sure we’re not writing all over the place.

I’ll be posting this weekend, I hope. I have a lot on my plate this week.

Inspire and be inspired!



When Boredom Strikes…

…I end up doing  my requirements so I can pass my subjects and get that Master’s Degree. I guess it was good that I got bored. This was my dilemma the whole month of January. I was either doing homework, reading, or writing. I finished reading the books I got for Christmas long before January ended, which got me bored really fast. I’d have bouts of inspiration and writing tons, then it’d be gone, which was a bit annoying, but of course only natural.

Anyway, because I’ve got no other novels to read and my mind is taking its sweet time in throwing up words, I’m starting to read creative writing books. I’ve currently opened The Psychology of Creative Writing. I’ll be sharing whatever I learn from it and maybe stay on track with my writing tips from a novice writer to another.

Please, if you can recommend good books on creative or novel writing, share them right here. Also, don’t hesitate to share any good novels, I’d love to discover new things to read.

Be inspired and inspire as always!



What Happened?

That is one question I’ve been asking myself whenever I think about my little blog. Well, I did not really fulfill my personal goal  in posting as often or at all. I completely neglected the month of January, but not to worry, it was not as eventful as I hoped. I’ve been getting back to writing a lot, but now I have to focus more on school work.

I haven’t received any reply from the place I sent my query, which stated that they reply to all queries and if they haven’t replied then they’re still considering it. That would be a nice thought to have if I did not have that paranoid feeling that I messed up the process somehow and my query became invalid (or spam because I sent an e-mail).

There are other prospects I’m planning to query, but I’m giving this first one about two months before I send new ones out. By the way, it’s already been more than a month since I sent it in.

Well, because I’ve been so neglectful, here’s a writing tip!

Prefer the simple over the technical.

It just means to use shorter words, sentences, and paragraphs when you’re at points of complexity. It helps avoid getting everything jumbled up in a mash of letters and words. This also reminds us that readers don’t want mile-long sentences that make them fall asleep halfway through. Having short, crisp sentences help with the speed as well. It’s hard to read (or even write) fast-paced scenes when you get too technical. The thrill is lost and it feels like a chore to read.

Hope that could help some new writers, who tend to overwrite things. Don’t worry, I suffered the same flaw when I started writing seriously a couple years ago.

Speaking of years, this little blog of mine is turning a year old soon, which by far, is the LONGEST I have ever maintained a blog. That and the fact that I managed to remember my password, so that I could keep on posting. I guess being a writer, or aspiring to be one, has helped me push out whatever I’m feeling and actually get motivated to blogging about it.

Be inspired everyone! I’ll do my best and post more!



Being Original.

After reading a small bit of a handy writing book, I found that we really need to make our own original images, but how can we when we are in a day and time where almost everything has been tackled or thought of? We see things as original for us, but then again, with a little digging, it does not sound so unique. Sometimes, we are caught in a flurry of fads and cliches.

What can we do to make our original images without making them too bizarre or unrealistic that it ruins the story we have in our hands?

Well, I think you can’t really do it and make something completely original. There will always be an outside influence making these minute changes, letting some of our meticulous nitpicking readers make the grand connection, instantly blurring the originality of your thoughts.

Let those be.

Once we write our own stories and make our own characters, we are making an original image. Only we, as writers, can understand the minds of our characters and the world they move in. We can avoid the cliches or the overused fads, but we can only be reminded that we will be influenced at one point or with one aspect (maybe even more) of our works of art.

Believe what you are making is original and prove it to the world with pure talent and skill.

Be inspired and inspire!



Is This The Push I Need?

According to many blogs and their website, Spencer Hill Press is going to be open to submissions for the whole month of December. I have also been looking around to see other places that accept unsolicited or unagented queries, especially international queries. Well, I’ve seen some promising ones.

Now that I have the push, here is what’s making me hang onto the diving board for dear life…

I started writing query letters, well, drafts of them. I feel silly and at times bored with what I’ve written. I am struggling to finish a few drafts and see what sounds more interesting. I also am afraid, again, from my lack of writing credits. I’ve been told months back that it would not matter because it’s the writing that counts. I’m still holding onto that thought.

I was just wondering…

Is it in any way or completely embarrassing that I have one complete manuscript in the three to four years I’ve been writing seriously? I feel, what’s the word… inadequate as a writer? I have plenty of perfectly good reasons why my manuscript count is so low, but I know many people hate reasons or excuses.

I’m really trying to push myself.

I will make a query this month and I will get a response for it! (I say that with all the optimism and enthusiasm.) Don’t worry, I’m not saying I’ll get rejected or accepted. Any response for my query would put me over the moon. It would be a great first step as a writer.

Inspire and get inspired!



My Oh My!

I am 6,000 words behind on my NaNoWriMo entry. I blame my week-long writer’s block that took so much from me. It was frustrating and I’m really not confident that I’m going to finish the 50,000 words. I will keep on writing and see where it takes me. It’s my goal to be a NaNoWriMo winner, but if I don’t make it, then there will always be next year. I’m starting to see the plot clearly, but I’m not sure if it’s substantial enough to get to the glorious goal.

I have gotten over my writer’s block and I’m back to writing. It was my body and mind’s way of getting me to have some “me time” and a little less writing time. I’d just like my mind to know that a week was way too long.

Good luck! We still have less than two weeks to go.

Be inspired and inspire others!