Getting Ready For…

…6 weeks of a hectic Summer Semester. I’ll be back in the hospital for one of my subjects. It will be a great venue for new experiences and hopefully new ideas, not that I feed off the ill for my personal gain. I love being a nurse. I doubt I will be able to post much in the next weeks, with shifts at the hospital, a research I have to do, exams, requirements, and the fact that I have Statistics as a subect I hope to maintain my writing schedule even if it will not be that extensive. I am currently working on pieces that I hope to enter in a national competition, which will make my to-do list even longer (and it’s due before April 30!). I will post whenever I get the chance. This will be one of my adventures this summer and I hope everything will go well.

Be inspired everyone!


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Changing Location.

No, I’m not moving somewhere. I’m talking about when I’m writing and working on my stories and novels. For the past three days, I’ve been stuck in my room and writing to no end (while simultaneously working on some other stuff, like watching TV shows and movies). Now I’m on my sixth day of writing. I started feeling stuck when I was on my fourth day and I tried it out.

I’m sure many of us felt something like this at one point or another. Well, I found a very simple solution, which anyone can do. Look for another place in your house or wherever you are to write. It gives you a sense of change and new energy. It sounds ineffective and I was a bit skeptic of it, but it really did work. I was able to add a couple thousand to my word count.

Well, we all have our own ways of making our creativity flow stronger and clearer.

Be inspired and inspire!



On All Hallow’s Eve

Yes, every post is most likely to be about this ghoulish holiday, but I’m not really focused on that at the moment (maybe a little later).

It is also the day before NaNoWriMo begins and I think I will be joining and finishing. This is going to be my first attempt and I’m a bit shaken up. It’s all about setting goals and loving the idea you have in mind. I’m also not too keen on joining the threads and forums at the moment, even though I want to. I am fully aware of my old post on the anonymity of the internet and how it provides a free ticket to confidence and self-building for introverts, like myself. Honestly, I’m terrified with what reactions I might get if I post anything there. It’s childish, I know, but I still feel that way.

I know I gotta build up the strength to be more open to others freely. It will greatly help me in making friends and reaching my goal to get 50,000 words uploaded in my entry for this month long writing spree. I’m positive at one point (or maybe even more) I will be needing help and ideas. I’m hoping to get a great experience out of this. This will be hard for me to juggle with my classes, but I will get more done before school starts.

Is anyone joining NaNoWriMo? Maybe we can be Writing Buddies? My NaNoWriMo username is pagechanger22.

Now, on a different note…

Is anyone or everyone excited with Halloween? Do horror writers love this holiday like I imagine? This is a night of creativity and the sky is the limit when it comes to the written world. We see weird and odd costumes up and about and they may all inspire something in our creative spirits. I enjoyed Halloween as a kid and I still do. I now crave to stuff myself with sweets, but that’s not totally feasible. I could get away with it as a kid, but not so as an adult.

Happy Halloween!

Happy writing for NaNoWriMo writers! The climb begins tomorrow! 😀

Always be inspired!



Panic Strikes!


I have a lot of schoolwork to complete in a very short amount of time and my short story for a contest is due in less than 8 days. I’m not sure if I’ve reached even half the minimum requirement of words because I write everything on paper first, which also takes a lot of time to encode. I’m feeling very pressured right now and I hope it helps in any way possible.

Wish me luck!

Be inspired and inspire in any way you can!