Day 2: Write a Fanfiction

The blond haired Slytherin prefect made his way down one of the nameless and numerous moving staircases. The two buffoons that were always with him were somehow not at his side. He took his time going down each step, feeling more and more vulnerable without his sidekicks at his side. Everyone thought he was just a weakling that hid behind his friends. If only they knew how true it was, then it would mean he was nothing.

The sound of falling books broke his pitiful reverie. His eyes immediately locked on the brown, frizzy hair of the only girl in the whole school who made him cry, Hermione Granger.

“Need some help, Granger?”

“Not from the likes of you, you can go run along. I wouldn’t want you to break a nail on your precious hand and have you run to your father.”

“I was only trying to be nice.”

“Excuse me, you? Nice? Are you joking?” She happily mocked him as she stood up.

“No.” His voice was soft and dejected.

“I don’t know where you’re playing at with this. I have to go study.”

She walked past Draco and he just stood there, staring at the ground. He shuffled along after a few seconds and wished Crabbe and Goyle were around. He found his feet brought him to a secluded area of the school, which was not that hard to do. He sat on a lonely stone bench and sighed loudly.

“What’s wrong, m’boy?”

“Wait, you’re the Gryffindor ghost. Why are you talking to me?”

“Well, you’re a student of Hogwarts, right?”


“Then I can talk to you. Why do you look so disheartened?”

“Well, there’s this girl that I happen to like, but she hates me. Even the just the mention of my name sends her temper off the charts. I wouldn’t blame her. I was terrible towards her. I’m insane for suddenly falling for her.”

“Well, of my years here and observing the various students, I have never seen someone change as greatly as you. Though it is not any of my business, I used to see Miss Granger crying in the Gryffindor common room. It was usually after you call her a certain word.”

Nearly Headless Nick slowly hovered down to float by the distraught Slytherin boy. He waited for him to answer, but all he heard were shuddering breaths. Draco hated being the kid that everyone despised. Because his father was a man of influence and fear, he had to appear to be strong and numb all the time. His father, as much as his mother disagreed, raised him to be heartless and wary of those who could take advantage of him. His loving mother always brought him back to being who he truly was.

“H-how did you know I was talking about Hermione?”

“I have all the time in the world to notice everyone here, but I like to focus on students. I notice everything, but I do what is honorable and keep private things to myself. I’ve noticed you avoid bullying girls, but there you often go calling her a word I dare not to mention.”

“I don’t really mean to. I’ve always wanted to be nice to her. It was my father who first called her a mudblood.” The ghost obviously winced, but Draco did not notice. “I saw her at Diagon Alley and I instantly wanted to talk to her, but my father told me not to go anywhere near her. He threatened to punish me if I tried to be anything but horrible to her.”

Draco stared at his feet. The ghost felt a clench in his non-existent heart.

“Your father isn’t here, young one, so why treat her wrongly?”

“It’s the only way I can stop myself from loving her even more. For the past four years, I’ve wanted to know her and love her, but I also know my father has older Slytherin students watching me most of the time. He thinks I’d do something embarrassing and tarnish the family name. Pursuing someone like her would send my father over the edge.”

Draco got up. He yearned to stop talking about the object of his affections.

“Hold on a minute,” the ghost said. “I have one bit of information for you and I think you’d like it very much.”

This stopped him in his tracks. He turned to the ghost, looking hopeful.

“A couple days back, I heard Miss Granger along one of the less ventured halls of the school. She was muttering to herself about liking a certain someone.” Draco’s face started to fall. “But she couldn’t admit it because he was a Slytherin.”

He appeared shocked before Nearly Headless Nick. The ghost watched as a smile slowly crept on the young Slytherin’s face, which was a rare sight for any Slytherin.

“Thank you for giving me one thing that I never thought I had.”

“And what is that, m’boy?”


This warrants a “To Be Continued” because it is a project I promised a friend. She is crazy about Dracione. It’s supposed to be longer, but I wasn’t sure if this writing challenges needed to be long or short. Oh well, this is it for Day 2.

Be inspired!


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