My First!

After more than 2 months of waiting, I got my first rejection letter. I know many budding writers would feel a pang of disappointment, but I feel hyper and more energized to write. I’m just really happy they took the time to read it. My chance will come in time. I believe it will.

Happy writing everyone! Be inspired as always!


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6 thoughts on “My First!

  1. holojacob says:

    Keep that energized feeling! That’s the best reaction you can have to a rejection letter. Me, I prefer to shred mine and go write something afterwards.

    • R.J. says:

      I will definitely do my best to keep this feeling going. We all react differently to rejection and we will get our chance when the time is right. Thanks!

  2. Writing Jobs says:

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  3. karcherry says:

    Welcome to the Rejection Club 😉

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