How I Wish…

…I was actually bored these past two days. I was working on my report since Saturday and only finished last night. It took a while because I had to make a presentation and being as indecisive as I really am, I made a PowerPoint and a Prezi. Haha. Sue me for being too OC, but at least I finished it all.

I’m a bit annoyed that I could not get any writing done. I actually miss working on my stories and I’m craving to do so. But of course, even though I’m aspiring to be a published author one day, I have to focus on my schoolwork. I think I have nothing to do today, but I’m sure something will come up (and just as I’m writing this, things are coming to mind).

I’m still starting on The Psychology of Creative Writing, but here’s a writing tip (from Writing Tools).

Build your work around a key question.

It’s the real reason why you are writing a story. You don’t start something that goes in random directions and with no end in sight. That’s what we have real life for. I’ve been wondering about how series novels go. It appears that they have a key question that runs throughout all parts of the series. It’s obvious in some, while hidden in others. Is it okay to change key questions as the series continues? Does that mess up the readers?

Well, let’s just make sure we’re not writing all over the place.

I’ll be posting this weekend, I hope. I have a lot on my plate this week.

Inspire and be inspired!