What Happened?

That is one question I’ve been asking myself whenever I think about my little blog. Well, I did not really fulfill my personal goal  in posting as often or at all. I completely neglected the month of January, but not to worry, it was not as eventful as I hoped. I’ve been getting back to writing a lot, but now I have to focus more on school work.

I haven’t received any reply from the place I sent my query, which stated that they reply to all queries and if they haven’t replied then they’re still considering it. That would be a nice thought to have if I did not have that paranoid feeling that I messed up the process somehow and my query became invalid (or spam because I sent an e-mail).

There are other prospects I’m planning to query, but I’m giving this first one about two months before I send new ones out. By the way, it’s already been more than a month since I sent it in.

Well, because I’ve been so neglectful, here’s a writing tip!

Prefer the simple over the technical.

It just means to use shorter words, sentences, and paragraphs when you’re at points of complexity. It helps avoid getting everything jumbled up in a mash of letters and words. This also reminds us that readers don’t want mile-long sentences that make them fall asleep halfway through. Having short, crisp sentences help with the speed as well. It’s hard to read (or even write) fast-paced scenes when you get too technical. The thrill is lost and it feels like a chore to read.

Hope that could help some new writers, who tend to overwrite things. Don’t worry, I suffered the same flaw when I started writing seriously a couple years ago.

Speaking of years, this little blog of mine is turning a year old soon, which by far, is the LONGEST I have ever maintained a blog. That and the fact that I managed to remember my password, so that I could keep on posting. I guess being a writer, or aspiring to be one, has helped me push out whatever I’m feeling and actually get motivated to blogging about it.

Be inspired everyone! I’ll do my best and post more!




2 thoughts on “What Happened?

  1. Jodie says:

    Thanks for reminding me that I have been neglecting my blog. I hope you get a positive response to your query.

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