Being Original.

After reading a small bit of a handy writing book, I found that we really need to make our own original images, but how can we when we are in a day and time where almost everything has been tackled or thought of? We see things as original for us, but then again, with a little digging, it does not sound so unique. Sometimes, we are caught in a flurry of fads and cliches.

What can we do to make our original images without making them too bizarre or unrealistic that it ruins the story we have in our hands?

Well, I think you can’t really do it and make something completely original. There will always be an outside influence making these minute changes, letting some of our meticulous nitpicking readers make the grand connection, instantly blurring the originality of your thoughts.

Let those be.

Once we write our own stories and make our own characters, we are making an original image. Only we, as writers, can understand the minds of our characters and the world they move in. We can avoid the cliches or the overused fads, but we can only be reminded that we will be influenced at one point or with one aspect (maybe even more) of our works of art.

Believe what you are making is original and prove it to the world with pure talent and skill.

Be inspired and inspire!