Vacation Time

My 3-week vacation started out with me joining a training to aide my nursing career and studies. It was tiring and it left me with so little energy to update this like I planned. I am currently on week number 2, which is almost over, and I only have one week left.

This past week, I spent most of my time editing my first manuscript. I managed to shave off some unnecessary parts and words. I have been able to see more errors and things that should be cleaned up. I am on my way to making my first manuscript a better one.

Reading around writing articles, thanks to Writer’s Digest online, I learned that sometime you just need to let your works in progress to sit alone for a while. It helps us gain a better perspective on what we wish to send out to future readers, when we  are given the great chance to be published. It’s such a tedious task for people who don’t feel the dedication to being a writer. It doesn’t feel so tedious to me. I enjoy editing my work. I get laughs from the simple mistakes I’ve made from long ago. I also see how much I’ve overwritten simple scenes.

How do you feel about editing and writing and editing again? Do you love it or dread it?

Be inspired as always!




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