The Rise of Nine

This is the third book in the I Am Number Four Series. I am not sure if I found out late about this book coming out. I just saw it available here in the Philippines last week. After reading The Power of Six (Book 2 of the series), I was trapped in thought, wondering what could ever happen next. As of two days ago, I got my answer. Not to worry, I am not gonna spoil anything here.

Well, what can I say about the book?

It is awesome. I really admire how they are able to change point of views so easily and cleanly. It doesn’t take long to figure out who is telling the story and I guess the matching fonts help. Going through the books in the series, you never feel lost, but you feel more into the story.

If I can finish the book in less than three days, then I consider it a great read. I finished this one in an afternoon and The Power of Six in two afternoons. Let’s just say I am a big fan of the series.

Now I’m stuck with this thought until the next one comes out: “What’s gonna happen next?”

It’s nice to have a book push me back into writing again. It got my writing juices flowing.

Inspire others in any way you can.



4 thoughts on “The Rise of Nine

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  2. Fathom says:

    I am glad that it cause your juices to flow again but I found the total opisite in the books. I am a big fan as well and was dissapointed with this one, because I thought the author tried to tell the story from too many points of view. And on top of it they weren’t clean breaks from one character to another.

    • I felt that way while I was reading it, but I still love the story. It’s nice to learn from the technique used and maybe we can refine how we write changing points of view. I had to stop for a while after each chapter because there were times when it felt overwhelming. Thanks for the comment!

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