Never Miss.


Well, you never miss a chance to have fun. Never miss a moment to smile. As a writer, you never miss an opportunity to write.

In our world of chaos and disarray, we never get enough time to do the things we wish (unless it’s professional writing, then you have to make time). For hobby writers, it can feel a whole lot frustrating and suffocating. The world of writing is a free place to breathe and just be whatever you want.

Regrettably, I’ve missed tons of opportunities to sit down and just write. I would always end up asleep or staring at the wall. I’ve been feeling drained. My mind is filled with things to write, but my body barely has the stamina to move.

My advice (and the advice of many writers): Never stop writing.

I have to remind myself of that every chance I get.

We should never be barred from doing things we are meant to do. It’s how we were made and how our soul can be heard. I’ve learned that these past months. I gotta make time for the things I love to do.

Be inspired and inspire!




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