A Change of View.

Hey everyone!

I changed my theme from Dusk to Dawn to Fruit Shake. They have something in common that I love, which is the color blue. For me, it’s a relaxing color and it somehow sparks my creativity. What’s your favorite color and how does it spark your creativity?

A little something for my fellow writers, try making a flash fiction using that color in any way you wish. You may have done it in the past, but ideas and creativity change, so give it another shot. It’s just something to pass the time and maybe help come up with something great.

Blue was the first thing that came up in my mind as I opened my eyes. Wet was the next thing to come up. I felt paralyzed, but I felt everything that was surrounding me. It was water. I was floating in a body of water, a lake or the sea maybe. I was staring at the clear blue sky as the sun glared at me from beyond my range of vision.

I heard splashing water and blowing wind, but no sound of anyone being near by. I wondered how I got here, but anything that happened before was erased from my mind. My mind was in wonder and panic, but my body was trapped in serenity. The water beneath me was cold and the air above me was warm.

I closed my eyes for a second, but everything was still the same. I sighed loudly and the sky blue color was engulfed in the deep blue hue of the water that quickly enveloped me. Next, I saw red swirling around me and then…


There’s something that popped in my head. It came out sort of morbid, which was something I didn’t have in mind. Well, I guess that was the direction my muse wanted to take.

Have a great day!

Wishing you all inspired ideas and free-flowing creativity!



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