What Happened to my Month of May??

I don’t know if any of you are wondering with the scarcity of my posts last month.

Well, last April I was extremely excited to get into May because it was my birthday month. Unfortunately, things started to get hectic around that time with tons of schoolwork and finals exams were piled in front of me. I only had enough time to sleep, eat, and do more schoolwork. Trust me, it was frustrating. I had ideas and stories I wanted to put up for that month.

After all the chaos my school life brought, I had to under go some elective surgery that had been planned for quite some time (which has been a success so far with just some minor complications). The recovery process put me under a lot of physical stress and I had trouble moving around properly. So with that going on, I had a lot of time, but no strength or energy to work on my blog (or any of my other writing projects).

Now, I’m back to school, nearing the end of my recovery (I hope..), and as you all can see, I’m getting back on track with my blogging. I’m not sticking to the schedule I made before that was Mondays, Fridays, and Saturdays for the time being because I have a lot to catch up with here.

I’m planning for short stories or maybe a series of short stories that I could post up, if I have some sustainable plots and characters that I don’t really wish to use in a major project.

Sorry for neglecting the month of May!

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