What I Learned From Jacob Portman…

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs (Plot)

Jacob Portman, a 16 year old boy, goes to Wales to find out the truth of his grandfather’s past after he was murdered by what Jacob thought was a make-believe creature. When he arrives, he meets Emma, a “strikingly pretty” girl who can control fire. She takes him to meet Miss Peregrine in a time loop set back in the 1940s. Jacob enjoys hanging out with the other peculiar children, such as Millard, who is invisible, and Bronwyn, who has incredible strength. Then Jacob hears some mysterious stories of strange killings in the pub he’s staying at, and warns the peculiar children. When they tell Jacob he is the only one who can see the monsters that killed Jacob’s grandfather, Jacob knows he is the only hope they have for safety.

Jacob and some of the peculiar children encounter a monster which Jacob kills. Upon return to the Miss Peregrine’s home, they find that Miss Peregrine has been kidnapped. The children rescue Miss Peregrine but she is in bird form cannot change back to human form. The peculiar children at the end of the book look for another time loop they can stay in because their current one has been destroyed.

As I read the book, I had Jacob’s same thoughts. I thought that Abe was stuck in his own imaginative world. There were subtle clues to their existence, but still they pointed nowhere. I had second thoughts on all the stories Abe told Jacob as a child. As the story progressed, things became clearer and clearer. So many of the floating questions were answered as it neared the climax. I was awestruck with the clarity in how Ransom Riggs was able to depict the places and characters and the photographs throughout the book helped even more. It is a great book to read.

What did I learn exactly?

Well, I learned that no matter how crazy your family members get, they will always lead you somewhere you have purpose, even if the journey there may or may not kill you in the process. It’s hard to lie to family no matter how big or small. Things may sound unbelievable at first, but there is always a bit of truth behind it. We just have to trust our gut and see which way to go.

I can’t wait for the sequel that is said to come out Spring 2013.

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    Hi, this one sounds very intriguing! I love your blog, it’s really great writing! Thank you for the follow! Keep writing!

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