Am I Ready?

This question has been plaguing my mind for the past two months. I honestly don’t have a solid answer to that. What am I trying to get ready for, you ask? Well, like any beginning writer, I’m getting ready to enter the world of querying and trying out my manuscript to see if they receive any feedback. I’m seriously scared to try, but I won’t get anywhere if I live in fear.

I better push myself to start drafting a bunch of query letters and synopses. I’m saturated to the point that I don’t know what else to edit with my current manuscript, so maybe it’ll give me a push in the right direction. I have a feeling I can go somewhere with this writing, but I’ll just have to keep at it and see where it takes me.

I’ll keep writing and following my dream to be a published author. There’s no excuse for my fellow aspiring writers not to try. It won’t kill anyone of us to try.

May you all be inspired!

*I hope to put up more flash fiction/short stories soon. 🙂