Just something that popped into my head, inspired from one of my chats with a good friend. Here goes…

That day was just like every other day for her, plain and simple. Classes were just about over when the bell rang its glorious melody. She and her three friends were already heading out the door and along the corridor. She was deep in thought about the things she had to do for the evening, when something out of the ordinary happened. She wasn’t sure she heard right, but she did feel something.

“This is gonna be a fun out of town trip, just us three!”¬†She heard her friend say loudly.

“But wait, there are four people here,” she thought. It stung. It was a whole different kind of pain. She couldn’t understand why one of the people she thought was her dearest friend could exclude her like she wasn’t even there. She looked at each of them pointedly, trying to get their attention, but still nothing. She wondered why she was suddenly being ignored by them when they were just talking an hour ago.

She bolted down the corridor, not caring if they called her back, but she clearly heard that no name was called as she left. In record time, she was outside of the school and on the sidewalk. She didn’t care where she was heading or who she might bump into, so she just kept walking until she reached a crossing. She didn’t notice the speeding car a couple feet away as she stepped onto the road. She had no time to even be shocked by the car coming her way.

“Did that car just pass through me?”


Well, it’s been a while since I posted a flash fiction/short story (I’m not totally sure what to classify it as). I’m sure this is a common scene/plot/idea in some novels, but I promise I didn’t copy it from anywhere. I’ve missed being able to write smoothly ever since I was on vacation. Now that school’s back, I’m feeling the stress and my creative juices are up to speed.

Be creative! Be inspired!