A Poison…

Anger is a great poison that can be extracted by any situation. It clouds the mind and numbs awareness of what you say and do. It’s hard to hold back when you’re angry, but there’s always something that follows actions and words. It’s called regret. Anger is like alcohol and regret is its hangover. Nothing good ever comes out of anger.

A common source of anger? Misunderstanding.

What most people don’t understand is that in an argument, you can never say that only one person is wrong or the one at fault. There are two sides to a fight and there is always something wrong with both parties. What usually happens is that both parties fail to admit their faults because of pride and avoidance of humiliation.


It is a normal emotion and we are always entitled to our emotions. It’s how we act upon the emotions that we must be careful about. We must be able to express our emotions in a way that is socially acceptable. Regret will always follow an action done in anger and it will eat you up inside.

I hate doing things in anger, especially when it involves someone I care about.

Now, I’m feeling the regret to sink in. It’s hard to put my ego and pride aside. It’s something I have to do, but  it’s something I’m having a hard time with. Being the one to accept defeat or fault is hard, but it’s the solution to most problems.


I just gotta cool down before I do more things I’ll regret.




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