This is something…

…that made me smile today. It reminds me of why I’m a writer, an artist in my own way.

I’m sure it will make all artists smile… well, I hope it does.

something inspiring... (Source: 9gag.c0m)

Don’t let anyone or anything stop you from doing what you really love. Stand above the crowd and there’s not harm in trying. We are entitled to our dreams and aspirations. We have the choice to make it a reality. Don’t cage that spirit into dormancy, just let it free to guide you.

Be happy you are blessed with the talent to make art, may it be painting, sculpting, composing, writing, or whatever art you can think of.

Do what you love.



One thought on “This is something…

  1. Golden says:

    Oh my God! I really love this one! I’ve also felt the same when I was in high school.

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