After hours, days, and possibly weeks, I’ve been able to shave down my manuscript of 116,500 words down to about 101,600 words! It’s a lot of work… and I’m still a tad not yet finished!

But because of that, I learned a lot of things and flaws I found in my work.

  1. Like in many blogs I’ve read, they say that beginning or novice writers tend to overwrite their work. I saw this a lot in my manuscript and it really made me laugh.
  2. I managed to put a ton of things, like scenes, that had no effect on the story’s plot.
  3. I am very redundant in some situations. (Maybe it’s because I fear not being able to describe or portray a certain event properly)
  4. Less is definitely more. I learned that readers don’t like to be overloaded with information and it will help if we leave some things to the imagination, because it might help keeping the reader hooked to your work of art.

Well, experience is definitely the best teacher.

I’m glad to have my muse back and working.

Good luck writers and artists!