I’ve been feeling under the weather lately, but not in the ill kind of sense. My health is fine. It’s my creative spirit, I think. I have all my ideas floating in my mind and playing, but I can’t find the energy to get them down on paper. I ‘m taking a couple days to take it really slow in blogging, reading, and writing. I’ll let everything simmer in my mind and reach the level I see will get me back on track.

But, I’ll be surfing around and reading on my favorite blogs here on wordpress.



2 thoughts on “Blues..

  1. Jodie says:

    I’ve been where you are, it isn’t fun but the good news is it doesn’t last forever. I hope you get back on track soon.

    • Well, that’s great to hear. My body’s just asking for a break, I guess. Whenever I get into writing something, I sleep late, wake up early, and just keep doing it. Thank you! I hope I get back on track soon too. 🙂

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