Just a…

It’s so tiring to wait for the final bell to ring. The teacher has been going on and on for the past hour on the same old thing. It was something I didn’t bother to find out. Half of the class is practically sleeping and I’m so tempted to join them. Seeing the clock scream ‘last ten minutes’ keeps me from doing so. Our teacher is caught up in his own world, oblivious to the fact that no one is listening.

A cold feeling crawls up my back, but I don’t mind it. I see the windows were open so it must have been nothing. My itch to get home plagues my mind too much for me to pay attention to the chill.

“Stop kicking my chair,” I muttered.

Wait, I’m sitting in the back row.

A scream fills my ears as the room begins to shake violently. Tables, chairs, and other things start toppling over. Everyone is scrambling to get out of the room. I feel glued to my chair and I start to panic. Parts of the ceiling start to crack and give way. The lights begin to fall out bulb by bulb. I see my classmates getting hit by bulbs and crushed by chunks of ceiling. The shaking doesn’t stop and it is getting stronger. I’m still stuck to my seat as I look up to see the ceiling above me begin to give way.

“Dude, wake up. Class is over.”

**I think I felt a tremor this afternoon while I was on my bed. It rattled me a bit, but it’s a good thing there weren’t any more that followed.