I Found Something…

…to help me organize my ideas! I feel great about it. I didn’t think this would help me, but it does. A good friend helped me spruce it up a lot and it’s great.

Here it is!

This is my new way of organizing my ideas...

I’m using the sides as reminders, while the middle part is where all my ideas fly around and turn into reality. I tried it out for my new idea (I made a post about that last month) and it helped me make a timeline of events. It’s so awesome! It’s currently clean because I’m not focusing on making new ideas or plots. I’m working on my manuscript and making it better and polished.

My piece of advice?

Use something that’ll help those ideas get organized, like a cork board or a white board. It doesn’t even have to be a board. It could be a bunch of index cards or squares of paper on a table or the floor or your bed. You’ll feel a lot better when you fix everything. It helps you to see where things are going and what the big picture is like.

But, that’s all opinionated and you should do what makes you more comfortable than stressed. Enjoy writing! It’s not supposed to be a grueling task, but something you look forward to doing. Find your comfort zone and work it! 😀

Good luck fellow writers and artists! Make art! Make changes! Make the true essence of life!




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