Just Wondering…again…

Is there any company or agent that accepts original art with the manuscript (Genre: Young Adult Urban Fantasy)? It’s just that my good friend likes my manuscript and wants to do the art for it (if it ever gets accepted). She’s really talented (I know a lot of people say that there’s someone they know who’s a really talented artist) and she’s very versatile in different media and art styles. I’ve been looking around, but all I see are those that DON’T accept original art.

Please comment if you know any?

Thank you so much!!




2 thoughts on “Just Wondering…again…

  1. amymarie says:

    Generally, publishing houses have in-house artists that they commission for artwork. If you’re extremely set on the idea of your friend doing the art, than go ahead and submit it like that. However, you should be aware that if you submit your story with the artwork, the publisher will look at it as a package deal; even if the publisher loves the story, they will still reject it if they hate the artwork.

    • Right, thank you! We were sort of bent on the idea that if they love the story and the artwork, they could hire (or something like that) my friend. We’ll just keep at it. I think I saw a publishing company that is looking for illustrators and writers, so we’re thinking of submitting there, using one package, but two queries. Thanks again for your comment! Good luck with the new idea! 🙂

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