Well, this is something new.

The sky dances with color as the sun was slowly going down.

I feel enveloped in the colors, in their warmth. It is one of the greatest things I could ever experience. The grass under my bare feet caress my skin with such care and fragility. The breeze is playfully circling me, asking me to join him in his dance.

I’m fully aware I never experienced anything as liberating and as childish as this. I am now dangerously falling in love with the concept. How can I be beyond the age of 25 and never have felt this way? There must have been something that went wrong along the way. I gladly put those disturbing thoughts at the back of my mind and focus on what is in front of me.

The sun is still a while from setting, which is just enough time for me to enjoy this serene beauty. I fall back into what feels like a very light, very soft cloud. I feel the breeze coming closer and playing on the surface of my exposed skin. I close my eyes in bliss and let out a contented sigh.

I open my eyes and wonder about one thing…

Has my room always been a pristine white?

I let the question linger in my mind as I continue to stare at the padded walls that surrounded my room.


**NOTE: I am not insane… my imagination and creativity(?) are. This was in my head the whole day. I gave in to my muse and wrote it down.





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