I pace the floor endlessly as I trace the sides of my cage, my cell. I know this isn’t good. Being trapped never is.

The iron bars all around me, taunting me by taking away the only thing I truly had, my freedom. I can no longer process what was beyond the bars, like my world is now only confined to these four corners. I happened to lose my sense of time after what feels like hours of being here. 

Could I actually tell time? 

I hear sounds, many of which I can’t recognize. A tense fear rises in my chest and I crouch farthest from the sounds that seemed to be coming closer. The ceiling…

Wait, the ceiling??

…opens and large hands come out and grab me. I have no idea what’s going on. The hands grab me by the neck and the back. I hear the sounds loud and clear, but I couldn’t understand what they were. The sounds were too foreign and frightening. Their grip gets tighter and I’m now more scared than ever. Their cold fingers prod through my fur and a sharp pain shoots through my shoulders. I whimper and yelp, but I feel like I’m slowly losing strength as everything fades.

What’s going to happen to me?

The light slowly disappears and I wonder if this will be the last time I see light, ever.

**It’s just another thing I imagined in my head. Happy March 1st!



2 thoughts on “Trapped.

  1. Mckhoii says:

    Wild wild imagination! I love it…

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