The Streets…

The streets were filled with people, mostly tourists, as I tried to make my way down the street. The busy road that was supposed to be filled with cars was currently filled with shops and stalls. Aside from the occasional bump and people stepping on my feet, the street market was actually fun, since there was something new every year. I did my best to examine each stall that I passed by with the ocean of people dragging me along. There were stalls with food, clothes, souvenirs, and more food. I was feeling pretty tired from walking and getting thrown around when I saw one stall that people didn’t seem to notice.

They just kept walking past it without a glance. I slowly reached the stall’s entrance and looked at it for a couple of seconds. The entrance was shrouded with lacy curtains, but it appeared dark inside. I thought this would be a perfect place to take a breather. I walked in and saw that the inside was dimly lit, but the decorations and motif were beautiful. It had a gypsy vibe and I was met with a young woman who was dressed to match the elegant motif. She led me to a round table and asked me to sit.

“I can’t believe no one’s bothered to look in here.”

“Only the pure of heart and soul may enter this place. I placed an enchantment on it.”

“That’s a nice story. So, what do you have to offer in this beautiful stall?”

“I can take your soul, your heart, or keep you alive in a jar. I need your purity to keep me alive,” the woman said casually as she sat across me. I couldn’t help but laugh at the obvious joke. She just looked at me as seriously as she did when she first came up to me.

“Seriously, what can I get here? Herbs, tea, or maybe trinkets?” I asked as my laughter subsided.

“None of those, my options are still open for you to choose from.”

“You know what, you’re act is cute and all, but I guess I should be going,” I said as I got up. She looked directly into my eyes and I couldn’t look away. Her eyes changed colors from a soft brown to a bright yellow, but in a second it was pitch black. A warm, fluid feeling rushed down my chest as my vision faded.

“No, you’re not.”


*The thought just popped into my head. There is a festival going on in the city I’m in and the business part of the city did close down their biggest street to fill it with tons of stalls and stands.

Let’s be inspired today! Happy reading and writing!



5 thoughts on “The Streets…

  1. fabis2na93 says:

    I like the ending. I’m always a sucker for tragic endings.

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