Any of My Fellow Novice Writers??

Hello to all of the other aspiring writers!

I think you guys are having the same problem I am… writing a query letter and a synopsis. In my opinion, those two things are one of THE MOST nerve-wrecking things one has to do when preparing to present the masterpiece one slaved over for months and probably years.

I found some sites that gave sample query letters and synopses. They’re helpful in giving us ideas and NOT for us to copy and tweak to make our own. I noticed that the query letters contain the writer’s ORIGINAL VOICE (another reference to The Literary Mom’s site, which I totally love ever since I started reading), which got the book accepted and published.

Before I forget, here are some of the sites I found…

Query Letter Samples and How To’s:

Synopsis Samples:


I hope they help you! I’m still trying to analyze them.

Visit the Literary Mom’s site! She has a lot of great posts. The link is on my blogroll, but here’s the link to make sure you do go there. 😀




One thought on “Any of My Fellow Novice Writers??

  1. My Bloggy Woggy says:

    I haven’t really written enough (or rather, finished enough) to be sending it to anyone but do rather dread having to write those sorts of things, especially synopsis because don’t you find when you have fit your whole idea in to a very small amount of words it just sounds…well crap.
    Very helpful stuff here though, thank you very much!

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