A Puzzle?

I’ve been busy putting ideas on paper, but they’re all in fragments. It’s like a giant puzzle I have to put together. This isn’t a complaint. I’ve actually been enjoying everything. I think it’s great that I’m getting so many different ideas. The real challenge is putting everything together the right way.

Making the first draft is one of the hardest things  in writing (which I saw on The Literary Mom’s poll), but it’s the most fun, because no matter how much things get hard (like encountering a writer’s block), as the writer of your own work, you will be able to get past the hard parts. We just have to remind ourselves that what we’re writing is “our world” and whatever we say goes.

Let’s keep at it and do what we love. Writing is my stress reliever and my home away from home, so I’ll keep doing it. Maybe I’ll get lucky and one day have a published piece of work in my hands.



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