I’ve got a couple questions… I think…

Well, I know I said before that I was working on a novel series. Now, I’ve reached some bumps in the road. Here comes the questions…

  1. Would it be advisable to keep the readers updated (like really updated) on the months and days in the story or would it just make things appear complicated?
  2. Can anyone give me some tips on how I should be using “tomorrow,” “the following/next day,” “later that night,” and the like?
  3. If in my first book, I was a bit meticulous with the month and days, is it okay I skip some months in the sequel or will it appear like I’m rushing things?

NOTE: I do not use “journal entries” or “date headers (or whatever they’re supposed to be called)” in my book/manuscript.

I apologize for all the questions, but I’m having trouble finding the right reference book for writing (in my part of the world), so I’m turning to all the rising and experienced writers/authors for some tips. Thank you so much! Please comment if you can.