My Days and Lessons…

My Workspace...

This what I face most of my days, being in front of character cards, plot ideas, and key points. It looks like a hassle and a pile of junk, but I enjoy immersing myself in these things. I write my plot on index cards, hoping to follow it and make writing smoother, but it doesn’t always work that way. I always keep in mind to be flexible and open with changing anything I’m writing.

Where my ideas come to life...

I really prefer writing with pencils over pens because it makes my work look cleaner and the only thing I worry about is a broken tip, instead of running out of ink or the pen not working at all (which is a big disadvantage when you’re at the point you need to get a great idea on paper). I get the freedom from worrying if the ink blots or bleeds through the paper. The only worry I usually have is about getting my notebook or index cards wet or destroyed.

We all have our own preferences in what we write with, where we write, what we write on, and how we get writing, which makes each writer unique. I’ve been reading on many different blogs on how no one can ever tell us how to write, but I see it as how fellow writers, novice or experienced, can give us a little nudge and point us in the right direction and mindset.

I’ve learned a lot of things on my first week and a half of seriously writing a blog. I hope one day I can inspire another aspiring writer or artist with a published piece of work or just by this blog, like so many out there have done for me. I’ve been warned and I warned myself that trying to become a published author would not be an easy task, but it’s not impossible.

Thank you to my fellow ‘bloggers’ and writers for helping me with these baby steps. Let’s continue doing what we love to do… write and make art.




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