What’s yours?

I remember reading a status update on my news feed on a social networking site. It was from a loud-mouthed and slightly (*cough* very *cough*) arrogant user was talking about two-faced people being everywhere or something like that and them being the ones who add flavor to life.


All kinds of people add different kinds of spice in our lives. For example…

  • Cinnamon – a comforting, sweet, warm flavor: my loved ones.
  • Cayenne – a hot, very spicy flavor: my enemies.
  • Mint – strong, sweet, cool flavor: my friends.
  • Poppy Seeds – deep nutty flavor with crunchy texture: my best friends (because they’re nutty).

We need a little or a lot of spice in our lives to get us inspired. They make life exciting and unpredictable. We never know what new spice could be added into the mix of life and we just have to find out how they’ll affect our day to day experience.

How do you use the spices you come across in your life to help you write?



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