He didn’t know how long he was there. He just sat there, under the soft grey sky, the fine white sand holding him with care. A million and one thoughts were running through his mind and all of them were more upsetting than the next. He’d search through his thoughts for anything even slightly positive, but end up with nothing. The sea was weakly hitting the shore. The sounds and sight brought comfort and serenity to the storm in his head, but the depressing thoughts were still there, lazily floating on the surface like the gulls in the distance.

He bowed his head and stared at the sand. Maybe he’d find it in the sand, the answer to why he’s been feeling low. A voice resounded in his head, the same happy, mocking tone he heard just the day before. That was the answer. As happy and joking the voice sounded, it struck a nerve in the area of his mind that hid all his negative thoughts. It set everything free. He never felt more useless in his life. The voice came from the last person he’d ever expect to make him feel useless. The person he cared and loved the most. It was a shallow matter, but the message behind it brought tears stinging his eyes as soon as he found solitude.

The dry white sand caught hold of the silent tears that were finally released and cradled them with care. As the minutes passed, the dry sand wasn’t only cradling the delicate teardrops, but also the raindrops that slowly found their way to the ground. His head was also where the raindrops would occasionally land on.

“I guess it’s time to head home,” he sighed.

With a huff, he got up and left the empty beach as the rain began to wipe away his footsteps.




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