Take the Plunge.

That’s one thing I’ve learned about during my years as a novice writer. It’s all about taking the risk of writing something on a piece of paper. No one can truly judge you by what your write down because it’s your freedom and right to express anything and everything. Your story is your world and only you have a say in what it really is. It isn’t defined by any rules, but rules of grammar and spelling maybe… because no one wants to read things that are poorly constructed.

Starting out, I feared that what I write in my stories would be judged or misinterpreted, but I learned that it’s something I don’t have control over. The words I write down will always be understood in the way the reader sees it and not in the way I want them to. It’s their right to think and react the way they do. It helps me gain perspective of how everyone views a certain piece of art.

To my fellow novice writers, be happy with every comment and critique you receive, positive or negative, because it means they gave importance to your hard work. We just have to keep at it. Take the plunge and join the flow!



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