My V-day..

Now that I’m rested up, I can make a post about my Valentine’s Day!

I could retell the day’s events as it really happened, but what fun would that be as a writer? I’ll let my muse free to roam, as I rest my legs and relax in the comfort of my home.

The Task of the Lone Apprentice

The day started as any other for a simple wizard apprentice, but it was no ordinary day for most of the world. He felt nothing special about it, because the one his heart longed for was in a distant land, but his master had other plans for him. His master was in a far off land and he was too young and insufficiently trained to join in wizard war. A dove perched noisily on his windowsill with a message attached to its leg and a small satchel in its beak, waking the young apprentice up. The letter said:

“My Young Apprentice,

As you know I am off in battle and I have yet to forget this day of hearts. I have a trivial favor to ask of you. I wish that you deliver a parcel of the finest confections to the lady who holds my heart. As you know, she resides in a town not far from where you are, where he trains with young wizards and apprentices. You have until the end of the day to carry out this favor that I ask of.  I wish you safety on your travels.”

The apprentice scrambled out of bed and scribbled down a quick reply and tied it to the dove’s leg. After he secured the letter, the dove flew off into the distance to where his master was. He was determined to accomplish the task given to him. He prepared his traveling gear, grabbed the small satchel, and headed out. The apprentice knew where he’d find the finest sweets, but the candy maker’s house was located deep in the forest outside of his town.

Because the candy maker knew he was one of the greatest, he intentionally built his house in the middle of a forest filled with wild animals and living trees. No one worthy or cunning enough could get in and out of the forest, which was the best way to keep out thieves. The young apprentice neared the edge of the forest of living trees and came across a guard tree. He requested entry to the forest on the behalf of his master and was immediately allowed in. The guard tree was willing to let almost anyone into the forest, but because of its frightening stature, only a few braved to ask. The young apprentice was determined and he showed no fear.

The forest was dimly lit and the trees looked at him as he walked along the poorly marked out trail. There were silhouettes of wild animals lurking between the trees. Some of the trees tried to reach out their branches and grab hold of him, but he keenly kept a certain distance. He heard whispers, murmurs, laughter and chatter. After walking through the trail, he came across the candy maker’s house. A bit disappointed with the lack of excitement during his walk, he went over to the house and knocked. A frail looking man opened the door and welcomed him in.

“Why hello young man, how may I be of service to you?” he asked.

“I’d like to buy some of your finest confections for my master to deliver to his lady.”

The man’s eyes brightened at the words of the wizard apprentice and rushed off into another room. The young boy followed him and was met with a majestic sight. There were shelves of different sweets, from chewy taffy to velvety chocolates. In the center of the room was a display of the finest chocolates that any wizard, witch, or mortal would dream of possessing. Made from the finest and most magical ingredients, the apprentice knew this was what he needed to buy.

“Sir, how much is a box of those fine chocolates?”

“Five pure black diamonds or ten thousand gold coins,” the old man replied.

A fine sweat formed on the boy’s forehead as he took out the satchel that was delivered to him. He was unsure of what the small bag contained. He peered into it and saw that there was about ten black diamonds and he looked at them in surprise. The gems were the finest he had ever seen. He took out five of them and handed it to the old confectioner, who was also very surprised with the diamonds the apprentice actually had with him.

“Very fine choice, young one, but you must protect them as much as you can. Many will yearn for those chocolates to take as their own,” the old man explained as he handed a gold encrusted box to him.

The young apprentice nodded and left. He walked back into the forest, with the trees reaching out for him a little more roughly. He had to run and make his way out as he saw wolves and other wild animals walk onto the trail and follow him. He was glad that the old confectioner forewarned him about how precious the chocolates were.

“I see you’ve made it out,” the tree guard said.

“Yes, but I’ve heard stories about how many have tried to get in and out of the forest, failing miserably, when it was easy for me to do so,” the young apprentice replied.

“All everyone had to do was ask instead of trespass. The forest allows only those who are curt and pure in intentions.”

The young apprentice nodded at the tree and bade it farewell. He walked long and far in the bright sun to get to the next town, where his master’s lady was. From time to time he had to evade strangers that followed him because they knew he came out of the candy maker’s forest. Hours later, he came across the house of his master’s lady. The young apprentice knocked upon her door and was met with silence, so he waited outside. The sun was soon setting in the distance as he saw his master’s lady walk to the house.

“Greetings, young one.”

“Hello my fair lady, my master has requested I bring you a parcel on this day of hearts,” the apprentice explained as he presented the golden box.

“Why, I thank you for your troubles. I shall send him a message of gratitude,” she said excitedly.

“You are very much welcome, fair lady. I must be on my way.”

“I wish you much safety on your travel back.”


This my creative and AMATEUR way of saying that aside from delivering a gift for my friend and mentor, nothing much happened on my Valentine’s Day. Being a “cupid-like” messenger was the highlight of my day and I enjoyed it.

I know this isn’t the best of my work and it’s just a “drabble”. I’ll be working on better pieces. My muse is a bit off in her own little world after working so hard on my manuscript.



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