What can I say I have?

After working on my first manuscript, I decided to do some research on how to submit to publishers and the like, but that’s when I got a nervous chill down my spine. I found out (from theliterarymom.wordpress.com) that the third part of a query letter should include:

  • Any writing education you have (i.e. a bachelor’s degree in creative writing, an MFA, any classes taken with prestigious authors or writing instructors, etc.)
  • If you have a mentor, particularly if that mentor is a published author or professor
  • If you work with a critique group, and if so, for how long
  • If this isn’t your first novel, say so. Agent’s actually like to know you have other projects finished and tucked away.
  • If someone referred you
  • If the agent requested pages or a full of your last manuscript
  • How long you’ve been writing seriously
  • Anything that might make you an expert on the subject you’re writing about (i.e. if you’ve written a medical thriller and you’re a doctor)
  • If you have a following through a blog or twitter (Only include this if you post regularly. Agents like to see that you can make a schedule and stick to it.)
  • Include if you’re a member of a professional writing organization such as RWA or SCBWI

(Note: I copied the list off her site)

So, why did I get a nervous chill?

Because I don’t have most of those, especially the ones that might count…

Well, I can say I’ve been seriously writing for 2 years, if you can consider me working on my manuscript as writing seriously, and this new blog here. I studied to be a nurse (yes, I have a BSN Degree and soon, a license), but I’ve always had a passion for books and writing. I managed to finish most of my manuscript during my studies and endless shifts as a student nurse and finished long after graduation.

Like I said before, I’m taking a shot at my dream, but I really hope the lack of the things above doesn’t get in the way.



2 thoughts on “What can I say I have?

  1. amymarie says:

    Don’t worry about it too much. If your book is great, in the long run it won’t matter if you don’t have “publishing credits.”

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