This is it..

This is the start of one of my many attempts at a blog. I failed at making blogs when I was a bit younger and I made them for the sake of telling my friends I had a blog, that was it. I always admire blogs that have substance and meaning, not just some pointless mix of words under a site. That’s when I realized something I was too young and naive to understand…

I need a purpose for my blog.

I’ve found my purpose, I think. I learned that it’ll help to have a blog when you aspire to be a writer, but I’m not totally sure how. I think it’ll help me connect with other aspiring and experienced writers, at the same time, let me voice out my thoughts. I’m going to work with this blog and see where it takes me. I hope it takes me far.

I’ve always thought that anyone can write a book, a story, an essay, but it takes creativity and an open mind to write a good one. I will do my best to reach that. It has been my (and possibly every writer in the world) dream to see a book I slaved over to be on a shelf in a bookstore and see someone take it off the shelf with excitement.

It’s just a dream… my dream.

My dream waiting to become a reality.

It’s my job to make it one.



4 thoughts on “This is it..

  1. Welcome. Speaking as one of those experienced writers you mentioned, there’s little value in anything beyond wishing you luck and success. Many will claim they can tell you how to write, but the best method is to experiment and find your own style. I’ll look forward to following your progress.

  2. mckhoii says:

    Bravo nak! Your dream is already a goal. go for it!

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